Investment in team performance yields the biggest returns.

Imagine a leadership team whose members fully trust each other.

The team makes or breaks a successful business. Trust and open, honest communication are the base for any high-performing team. Benefit from our outside perspective and experience to take your leadership team to the next level— the relationship level. That’s where the magic happens. With leadership coaching tailored to your needs, we help your team grow together to grow your business.

Why invest in leadership coaching?

Enable your team to excel!

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Here’s how we work

We create a structured, safe space for dialogue​.

Concept Based

We provide you with different concepts, tools and methods you can easily apply yourself at work later on.

Target Oriented

We follow a simple structure by setting a clear target, analyzing the status quo, and defining both starting point and goal.


We read between the lines by putting special emphasis on body language and increasing self-awareness.


...thereby providing you with the tools to (re)create the same safe space for dialogue on your own in the future.

What our clients say about us

“Monika became a personal mentor, my go-to-person, beyond the team workshops.”

“We invest in our team performance as VCs and highly recommend this to our portfolio companies.”

“The work on our team effectiveness has been elemental to where we are as a board today.”

Get to know your coaches.

We trust each other implicitly, switch roles in the blink of an eye while never losing sight of our clients: you. Analytical thinking and emotional intelligence empower us to really see both the individuals and the team. We start from where you are, then dig deep to explore and push your limits—while always striving for excellence.


Monika Hoffmann

· Managing Partner at viable Leadership Coaching
· Experienced coach, specialized in executive coaching and team development.

Co-founder of viable GmbH, focused on innovation consulting and digital product development. Corporate manager and strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company with focus on growth and turnarounds. Started out in investment banking after studying International Business Administration in Vienna and an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Alexander Laqua

· Managing Partner at viable Leadership Coaching
· Experienced coach and mentor, specialized in ...

· CPO at Haufe-Lexware, responsible for product development of lexbizz as a SaaS platform.
· Grew, coached and developed his teams from the start while accompanying the product’s market launch.
· Integrating the next generation as a shareholder of Haufe Group.
· Started out developing gas turbines in Switzerland after studying aerospace engineering in Stuttgart.

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